Summer Sizzler 2013

2013 Times
Name Distance Time
Steve Armitage 120 04:51
Mr D J Morrison 120 04:47
Oscar Barba 120 05:46
Ryan Finestone 120 05:23
David Perry 120 04:54
Anna Sebastian 120 06:26
Philip Rich 120 06:23
Steven Smith 120 06:28
Jacob Gloor 120 05:22
Mark Eidem 120 05:21
Chris Hearn 120 04:47
Mark Vogler 120 03:00
Michael Donovan 120 06:25
Chris Hacking 120 06:25
Dusan Decermic 75 03:29
Colm Mccabe 75 03:57
Simon Myers 75 03:34
Jon Ashman 75 03:39
Ruth Tilbrook 75 02:57
Jason Tilbrook 75 02:57
Simon Roome 75 03:03
Eamonn Rabie 75 03:57
Julie Milroy 75 03:56
Ann Keogh 75 04:17
Peter Godsall 75 04:19
Timothy Holt 75 03:26
Remi Holt 75 03:25
Mark Seddon 75 03:25
Richard Barnett 120 06:21
Ros Barnett 120 07:44
Jonathan Richards 75 04:11
Graham Simpson 120 05:23
Sian Sefton 120 07:13
Stephen de Souza 120 04:57
David Brazil 120 04:53
Cathy Davidoff 75 03:47
Benjamin Lacey 120 04:27
Andrew Presly 120 06:23
William Blackham 120 07:16
David Cross 120 04:52
Matthew Inman 120 05:38
Ian Leslie 120 05:23
Gavin Moulton 120 07:26
Andrew Dodd 120 08:56
Stuart Evans 75 03:39
Jason Bridton 75 04:28
Jim O'Donovan 75 04:28
David Spoors 120 08:44
Simon Usborne 120 04:48
Vincent Bennell 120 05:38

Thanks, everyone for the feedback on the event that we got on the day.  It's the first time we've put the event on so we're grateful for the input so we can make it better next year.  
If you have a couple of minutes, it would be great if you were able to click this link and give the event a short review / rating.  

Update: 20 July - GPX files for both routes 
                75 km - Click here
                120 km - Click here
Update: 19 July
Entries via the website will be open until 27th July, or until the event fills up.  You may be able to enter on the day if there are still spaces left. 
New information added on parking, below.

The Summer Sizzler

Following the success of the Westerley Winter Warmer in January, we are organising the Summer Sizzler on Sunday 28th July, 2013.

120km route

The longer version is based on the famous 'hilly route' devised by our club coach, Tom Newman.  This is one of the harder club runs which we use as a winter training ride.  It is a tough ride with several big hills and has gained a bit of reputation as being the one for which people sometimes find they have diary clashes or lunch dates that they need to hurry back for.  We're not superstitious, but it also seems to have more that its fair share of equipment failures, from very frequent punctures to valves mysteriously snapping to chains breaking and cables snapping.  It is just under 120km in length (72 miles) with almost 1600m (5225ft) of climbing.  

The main hills are Winter Hill, Frieth Hill, Bolter End, Bledlow Ridge, Kop Hill, Longdown Hill, Lodge Hill, Hale Wood Hill and The Hale.

Kop Hill is probably the hardest.  For those who don't know it, it's a hill very much in the British tradition, where the road just heads straight up the ridge with no messing around with switchbacks or hairpins.  It's used by vintaqe car clubs for their hill climb competitions (hence the lines across the road you might notice as you pass).  Coming as it does after several other large climbs, there are likely to be some people, especially those with racing gears on, who end up walking parts of it.  

75km route

There's also a shorter version of the Sizzler.  This is 75km long and includes several of the big climbs, such as Winter Hill, Freith Hill, Fingest Lane, Bradenham Woods Lane, Hatches Lane and Bottrells Lane).  But, for the mostpart, they tend to be less steep than those on the longer version.   Nevertheless, with 860m /2820ft of ascent, it still offers a worthwhile challenge.

See here for more details on the longer route and here for the shorter one.  They are both still subject to final changes as we keep an eye on the conditions of the lanes and any roadworks which may crop up.  The final route sheets and GPS files for both versions will be available to download from this site before the event.  The routes will also be signposted.  

On the day

The HQ for the event is:
Chalfont St Peter Scout Hut
Gravel Hill
Chalfont St Peter

The HQ will be open from 7:30 with the riders starting between 08:00 and 09:00 for the 120km and 09:00 and 10:00 for the 75km.  There will be tea and coffee available before the ride and a selection of food at the end.  It's located right next to the Community Centre.  Click here for a map.

There will be feeding stations (two for the longer route and one for the shorter) to help you get round.  

We expect that there will be some fast riders but, for avoidance of doubt, the events are not races and everyone who gets home within the cut-off time (to be announced) will get a certificate.  Riders will be set off at intervals to reduce the risks from riding in large bunches on narrow lanes. 

Parking (important!)

If you are arriving by car, the best places to park are:
1. The public car park accessed via Church Lane
2. One by the 'shops on stilts' off the high street by the roundabout in the middle of the village.
3. The car park for the Community Centre, which is on the way in to the HQ.  There's no event on at the centre on the day so that car park should be free.  If this changes, we will update this!
4. If these are full (which is unlikely) there is a very big car park by the station at Gerrards Cross, which is 5 mins away by bike.  

There is a very small car park right beside the HQ, but please don't try to use it as, if we did, it would fill up in no time, and it is down a narrow lane where everyone will be going with their bikes.

To enter

Entry costs £20 for the longer version and £15 for the shorter one.  Click here to enter.  Entries close on 27th July (or when the rides fill up if sooner).  


The event is being run by Westerley CC which is affiliated to the CTC which provides organiser's liability insurance.  We advise all riders to have their own third party liability insurance.  This is intended to cover you should you ever be adjudged to have caused an accident which led to injury or damage to another cyclist, anyone else or their property.  The main cycling organisations (CTC, BC or LCC) provide this as part of their membership benefits and members of most cycling clubs can join these organisations at affiliate rates.  
Sunday 28th July 2013, 9:00am

Start: Chalfont St Peter

Two routes: 120 and 75km

Main route has 5225 ft of climbing

Enter here (entries close on 27th July)